These pages are devoted to my personal explorations — explorations primarily of the southwestern United States.

While much of this terrain was trod by the likes of USGS cartographers and American Indians long ago, I am of the conviction that there is yet much worthwhile exploration to be done.

In fact, I believe that every resident of this country has more domestic exploring to do than they could ever hope to achieve in these microscopic lifetimes we’re given.

You see, one needn’t be the very first person in history to have laid eyes on a quartzite cliff face in the Manzanos or a sandstone slot canyon outside of Toquerville to feel the thrill of discovery.

Sure, others may have seen what you’re seeing before — maybe a great many others have. No one, however, can peer through the lense of your unique experiences. No two of us are working with the same mental map.

So here’s to that inexplicable urge to get out there and see the world for yourself, to learn all you can about the land you call home, to go still further even when daylight’s waning and your feet hurt and there’s snow blowing and all you want is real food and fire. I’m no Lynn Hill or Reinhold Messner, but perhaps my humble sojourns will nevertheless inspire you to embark upon your own.

Good Places To Start:




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