Leave Fido At Home

It’s no surprise that we want to take our canine pals with us everywhere. Humans have been guiding the evolution of dogs for millennia, carefully selecting and reinforcing traits that make them not only very intelligent and useful but also extremely lovable. We develop real friendships with our dogs, and no one wants to leave their friends locked up in the yard all day.

Unfortunately, however, dogs can be almost as destructive to climbing areas as their human counterparts. While Fido’s not going to be grid-bolting, chipping holds or over-chalking; if left to his own devices, he’s virtually guaranteed to harangue wildlife, defecate all over the place and disturb delicate soil by digging and trampling.

Apart from the ecological damage out-of-control crag dogs can cause, there’s also the social and aesthetic annoyances of aggressive behavior and incessant barking — both of which can be a real buzzkill if you were hoping to find some peace and quiet on your day off.

Moral of the story is: If you and your furry friend can’t keep a low profile out there, the latter needs to stay at home.

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(Today’s photo of Sally the Golden Retriever is courtesy of Natalie Rae Good’s Tumblr)

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